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Created, taught, and lead by industry expert, Rodney Outlaw teaches four classes, each offering a unique and valuable skill needed in the music and live sound industry. These classes allow you to master the basics to produce your own music, or develop the knowledge to work professionally at public events.

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Music Production 1

This three-level class teaches you the fundamentals needed to record and produce your own music.

Learn valuable skills including

  • Logic Pro X

  • DAW workflow

  • MIDI programming and interfacing

  • Electronic and live instrument recording

  • Audio plugin editing and arranging


Audio mixing original.jpg

This three level class takes you through the steps to master audio mixing from start to finish.

Learn fundamental skills including

  • Dynamic processors like, compressors, gates, and limiters

  • Equalization and effects (EQ, FX)

  • Mix setup and management

  • Box and console mixing

  • Mixing for live and recording sessions



This two level class provides the base knowledge to run a professional sounding live performance.

Learn pertinent skills including

  • Sound system and console setup

  • Stage monitor mixes and routing

  • Digital and analog audio snake configuration 

  • Microphone types, uses, and techniques  


Music Business.jpg

This class will get you in a place to better understand what it will take to be successful in the industry.

  • Learn how to fill, file, and manage copyright forms

  • How to make and manage incomes

  • How to create work for hire contracts



Workshops allow students to get hands-on practice and valuable experience.

Get in-depth with the skills you're learning including

  • Software instruments

  • Microphone techniques

  • Audio cable builds

  • Mixing techniques

Workshops are 2 hours long and will be listed month by month and are first come first serve.


Learn everything to start a podcast or broadcast

Learn skills such as

  • Mixing and recording live vocals

  • Content publishing and management

  • Multi-channel recording

  • Interviewing setups and mixing

This class is coming soon. Subscribe to be notified when the class opens.


Walla Walla Music Organization was founded with a single mission: to teach the Walla Walla valley youth without financial restrictions. We are working hard with our community supporters to offer scholarships and financial aid for our upcoming classes.

Subscribe for the latest developments and information about the classes, start dates, and scholarship and financial aid information.

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